How Long Does Spotify Take to Respond?

How Long Does Spotify Take to Respond?

Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music streaming services, with over 456 million monthly active users as of 2022. With such a massive user base, Spotify receives a high volume of inquiries and requests every day through various contact channels like email, social media, live chat, etc. 

So how long does it take for Spotify to respond to customer queries? Here is an overview of how to contact Spotify Support and Spotify’s average response times on different platforms:

Response Time via email

Email is one of the main contact methods Spotify provides for customer support and inquiries. Based on reviews and reports from users, Spotify can take anywhere between 24-72 hours to respond to an email. Response time can vary based

Email volume

As one of the largest music streaming platforms, Spotify likely gets thousands of emails daily. More email volume means it will take longer for them to respond. Weekends or holiday seasons typically see a higher email influx which delays responses.

Nature of Inquiry

Spotify prioritizes responding faster to urgent issues like account hacks or cancellation requests versus routine inquiries about new features etc. Complex inquiries requiring investigation also take longer to resolve.

User Account Status

Free or ad-supported Spotify users report slower email response times versus Premium account holders. Priority support is given to paid subscribers which allows for faster responses.

So in summary, while Spotify aims to respond to emails within 24 hours, the average email response time is 1-3 days. Having an urgent issue will require you to follow up with another contact method for a quicker resolution.

Response Time via Social Media

Apart from email, contacting Spotify via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is also an option. As a highly active brand on social media, Spotify tries to maintain quick response times here compared to email.


Spotify’s Twitter account @SpotifyCares is quite responsive to customer service issues. According to user reports, Spotify takes 2-6 hours on average to respond to tweets, making it the fastest way to reach them. Tweeting during the weekdays gets faster responses compared to nights and weekends.


Spotify’s Facebook page also has a very active presence and they try to respond to user comments within 6-12 hours. Posts with urgent tagged issues may receive faster responses. 

Complex account issues ultimately still require email for resolution.

So for quick-fire public inquiries, tweeting Spotify usually gets a response within a few hours. But email follow-up is still necessary for account-specific matters.

Response Time via phone

Spotify also offers customer support via a toll-free phone number. However, there have been mixed reviews from users regarding on-call response and waiting times. As per reports,

  • During peak call volumes, wait times can be 30-60 minutes before reaching an agent
  • Calling outside of peak hours (early morning or late night) may have a faster response in 5-10 mins
  • Spotify prioritizes Premium subscribers for faster call-answering
  • Weekends tend to have longer delays due to lower staffing

So while call wait times can vary, the average phone response time is 0.5 to 1 hour for Spotify, longer than social media or email contacts.

Response Time via Chat

Spotify currently does not offer live chat support on its website or app. The only way to directly chat with a Spotify agent is through the company’s official Community forums.

Here, Spotify aims to respond to forum posts within 1-2 business days. 

However, the community forums are more focused on discussions with other users rather than official Spotify Errors customer support. So response times for individual account issues can be slower compared to other contact methods.

Key Factors Affecting Spotify Response Time

Looking at Spotify’s average response times via different platforms, some key factors stand out that influence how quickly they can get back to customers:

Contact Method Used

Response times vary based on the contact channel – phone and social media have faster responses than email or forums.

Account Status

Premium subscribers get higher priority for faster responses than free users.

Issue Urgency

Urgent concerns like account security risks or cancellations get addressed quicker than routine questions.

Seasonal Volumes

Holidays or popular music release seasons mean higher incoming inquiries, slowing down response rates.

Time of Contact

Weekday daytime hours tend to have quicker responses compared to nights and weekends

How to Get Faster Response from Spotify

Based on their typical response times, here are some tips to get faster assistance from Spotify when you need support:

  • Highlight your issue is urgent if account-related – this flags a priority response
  • Contact via Twitter or phone call for real-time help versus slower email
  • Try to reach out during weekday office hours for quick replies
  • Provide detailed information upfront to avoid back-and-forth delays
  • If possible, reach out via a Premium account for priority support
  • Follow up repeatedly via different contact methods if the issue is still unresolved


To summarize, Spotify aims to respond to user inquiries within 24 hours but average response times can range from 2 hours on social media to 1 to 3 days via email, depending on issue urgency, account status, contact method, and other factors. 

While Spotify does not always provide instant responses, trying different contact platforms at appropriate times and highlighting urgent matters can help you get faster assistance. With persistence and detailed information, users can generally get a response from Spotify within a day or two.

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